1. A

    Has laptop ram prices increased?

    I feel like I saw 4gb transcend at around 1.5k and 8gb around 2.6-3k or was I just dreaming. I also feel like I saw G.SKILL RIPJAWS at extremely low price.
  2. Krazy Bluez

    Total Views=Replies+1....bug fixed

    Well I think someone's had been hearing our complains for a while, so a major bug has been fixed...hurray....now if they just changed the theme back to normal...guess I'm day dreaming...
  3. N

    The Death of UIQ

    UIQ is dead Source: http://www.gsmarena.com/uiq_is_going_nowhere_sony_ericsson_are_done_with_it-news-640.php @dreamcatcher: I guess u can stop dreaming about Hecaro now :))
  4. ilugd

    A Fantastic Offer - You are not dreaming.

    :D Yes, it is true. You are not dreaming.>> Sign up here and get 1kg of surf free.<< And no, the model on the right is not part of the offer. Disclaimer: The pictorial representation is for demonstration purposes only, refrain from holding the pack with one finger. You might hurt your finger.
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