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  1. vickybat

    Will Wii u meet the same fate of Sega Dreamcast

    This thread isn't meant for any flaming or debatable discussions. Its more like a public opinion and what people think about the aforementioned console's fate. This came to my mind after i stumbled across the following article: Should Nintendo Quit Consoles? How many people have the...
  2. rahul_becks23

    Any Emulator For SEGA DREAMCAST console....

    could u guys help me in playing RUSH2046(A Dreamcast Game)on my PC by telling me about any DREAMCAST EMULATOR available on the Internet
  3. rahul_becks23

    Emulator For DREAMCAST

    [/b] :D HI Everyone I just wanna know that is there any emulator for DREAMCAST so that i can play RUSH2049 on my PC.
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