1. sahil1033

    Post laptop buying batttery life suggestions

    I got a Lenovo E49 from my college. I'm a newbie, so can you please tell me how to take care of battery life and longer backups. Should I let the battery drain out completely for the first time and then charge fully to increase the battery life and backup as we do incase of mobile?
  2. pritamk

    samsung galaxy s3 battery drain and charging issue

    i bought my samsung galaxy s3 6 months ago. it was working fine till now. four days back i plugged my phone to stock charger when it was at 4% and when i woke up after 10 hrs it was just 20%. THERE was no power outage and the red LED was always on. and while charging if i used phone battery...
  3. K

    sony xperia ion battery drains fast

    Hi, one week back I brought sony xperia ion(LT28h) but its battery is draining in 6-7 hours even phone is in idle...nearly 60% of the drain is caused by android system.currently i am using ICS 4.0.4 is there any solution to fix it?
  4. S

    Suggest Mobile Phone @11K

    Finally recieved my Moto Defy from Letsbuy. Am loving it. ;) Though it took me significant time to find simple features for me. :P And i unplugged my full charged Defy at 10 am, and by 5:30 pm it was out of battery, only 5% battery left, I guess though, thats normal. Only thing am not able to...
  5. mikeon

    Does using a laptop on AC power most of the time, harm the battery ?

    Well I use my laptop mostly at home or wherever I take it there is a power outlet, so if I use it on battery power most of the time, will it harm the performance of the battery when im running on battery power? Also how often should I drain the battery? I do it every alternate day or so now...
  6. S

    Balancing battery and power supply on laptop

    Hi I have a laptop which I use to carry work between office and home... Since I mostly use it at home and office and not while carrying it around, most often I am able to use a power supply to avoid battery getting drained... However, recently a computer technician told me that if I dont...
  7. tuxfan

    Centrino vs. Pentium

    What drawbacks does a notebook with Pentium have? Centrino is the processor for laptops. However, there are some laptops with pentium also available. Do they function properly or have a problem? Do they consume more power and therefore drain the batteries?
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