1. lethalweaponforever


    I know it's a stupid question, but i just want 2 know........ Is there a software that enables data transfer from a cell phone 2 a PC through infra-red. If it downloadable.....and if so where?
  2. T

    Which Are the Best Encrypting softwares in the market??

    Hey friends, please shed some light on downloadable and reliable encrypting softwares.
  3. punk

    Google moon

    Hi just came across a wonderfull site of google, Google moon just like Google earth, check it out It has loads of images and videos (downloadable) for all to view including the video's 1st moon landing by humans.
  4. morpheusv6

    Vista Release

    MS Vista is slated for release aproximately on Feb.2 , 2007 or Feb 2007 1st week. Check out the timer at: The Vista Gadget side bar is downloadable at:
  5. B

    Best Anti Virus?

    I need a good antivirus software that doesnt load my system much and which gives free downloadable updates. Can anyone suggest me some.....
  6. maharajadhiraj

    tech dictionary

    please suggest some downloadable tech. dictionaries....
  7. iinfi

    does GRUB get overwritten if i repair winXP

    i have winXP and KUBUNTU in my PC. i m gonna repair windowsXP and want to know whether GRUB will get overwritten? GRUB gives me options abt which OS to boot. and does anyone have an e-book or link to downloadable material on linux administration?? FREE material of course. but i want...
  8. N

    where can i find downloadable free tutorials ....

    plzzz. can any body tell me where can i find best free tutorials which can be downloadable./ tutorials for photoshop and A+
  9. C

    How can I submit my software to Digit?

    I have recently finished with a small File Copying utility that intends to replace the Windows default copying system (which is extremely crappy), and places its option in context menu. Works only in Windows XP! The software is downloadable from...
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