1. ShankJ

    URGENT: Software for creating Documentary!!

    Me and my friends are planning on making a documentary for a competition but have no idea on how to go about the editing. We'l be needing softwares for the following- 1. Adding caption to the video, for eg. The names of the people who are being intervied 2. Subtitles(for translating dialogues...
  2. Anorion

    Indie Game: The Movie

    GhaT78i1x2M Film - Indie Game: The Movie - A Video Game Documentary Indie Game: The Movie on Steam
  3. rockthegod

    Post Your Favorite Pre-1990's News and Reports of Computers and Technology !!!

    Hi, Just had this idea whereby we can share pictures and/or videos of awesome "primitive" Ads/Reports/News etc of "groundbreaking" technological advances specifically in the field of Computer Science and IT dating before the 1990s....!!! You can post any of your favorite stuff that you may...
  4. INS-ANI

    NATGEO Mission Udaan

    Does any one knows from where i can find/download these 1)natgeo mission udaan documentary videos. The documentary was on Indian Air force. 2) Scientific documentaries 3)Other Natgeo/Discovery documentaries. any help will be appreciated. (If you have something imp to tell, u can PM...
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