1. Vyom

    Video Memory Issue when Gaming on Intel HD 4600

    So I have my config with following specs: Processor : Intel 3.2 GHz LGA 1150 4570 i5 4th Gen Motherboard: MSI H87M-G43 HDD : 1 TB WD Blue RAM : 8 Gigs Corsair Vengeance DDR3 : 2 x 4 GB CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9) running in Dual Channel mode Cabinet : Cooler Master E350N PSU ...
  2. R

    Can anyone tell me what my pc is capable of ? Please

    hello.......please omit my mistakes since it is my first thread here.... anyways now ill come to my point... i have a pc having specifications... direct link for list is [in html] Download File - heaven.html - Freeware Share and in written it is... CPU-Z TXT Report...
  3. DukeNukem

    i810e Bios Required (256K)

    Can any one here care to share there i180e 256KB Bios for my T810 Rev 3.03 Board. (IF THIS IS NOT LEGAL, EVEN THEN PLEASE TRY TA HELP) I brought this one from Nplace New Delhu for Rs. 950 but my OS Crashes every now and then with BOSD Windows XP with new Message Every time. and Fedora to...
  4. R

    DMI Pool Data not verifying

    i've overclocked my e7200 to 3.57Ghz on Abit IP35-e but most times it does not verify the dmi pool data and so it shows 2.53Ghz in can i solve this or am i getting the same performance at 2.53Ghz when i've actually set it to 3.57
  5. sharma_atul85

    xp booting problem

    hello frns im havin dual boot of win xp n fedora 3..last nite ven i was transferring sme data to my pen drive...d screen got black ...only cursor was there...i tried to recover it usin ctrl+alt+del n like dat but all in vain...then i restarted my PC..nw it shows verifying DMI Pool data...
  6. A

    My hard disc is not detected

    i bought a new Segate 160 GB sata HDD, but my bios is not detecting the drive, the disc is visible while i start windows using my other drive pls help Avis My System configuration is Computer: Computer Type ACPI Uniprocessor PC...
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