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  1. Nipun

    Disaster Management Thread

    Please excuse me if such a thread already exists, I request the mods to merge it. I have been searching on preparing an emergency disaster kit, and thought it would be nice if we could have a thread where everyone could share their knowledge and clarify any doubts. So far, I've found that an...
  2. alsiladka

    What's old is new - Vista SP1 having the same childhood as XP SP2

    Source "Microsoft's record on service packs has not been good. Over the years, they've been forced to withdraw several service packs and issue updated service packs shortly thereafter. That's the reason there are so many service packs with names like SP1a and SP6a. Windows Vista SP1 shows...
  3. S


    i remember one poll here but i could not find it now and that was not that descriptive(as it was poll) so i think i can post it as i am in trouble i have been using macfee for some time it seems that it provides better security than norton but it is much annoying that it need lots of updates...
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