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  1. suarezian

    [Want to Buy] Graphic Card around 1.5k

    Graphic Card around 3.5k Hi, I need a GPU. My budget is around 3.5k. I need it to play games like truck simulator and train simulator (please dont tease me :D ) My pc specs are: Dell Dimension E520 Dual core p4 processor at 2.4ghz 3 gb ddr2 ram
  2. U

    GPU and PSU for Cooler Master Elite 360

    I am panning to buy CM Elite 306 cabinet. It looks great and compact and will easily fit in my computer table. But my doubt are: 1. Since its a mid tower cabinet (Dimension: (W) 148 x (H) 360 x (D) 439 mm), can Sapphire HD 6670 (Dimension: 130(W) x 50(H) x 180(L)) fit in? Will difference of...
  3. johnjjx

    FS: CM K640 Xdream cooler for AMD sockets

    sellin the cooler master k640 xdream cooler. moving to intel platform so no use... the cooler is very silent. more info check the link CoolerMaster XDream K640 :: News :: www.hardwarezone.com® price: 350 + shipping at actuals. Product Specifications Fan Speed: 800 ~ 2,800 RPM...
  4. ╬Switch╬

    PHP & Images

    How is it possible to resize images and to add their dimension at the bottom like it is done at imageshack.com?????:confused:
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