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  1. Zangetsu

    Reader's Digest Sweepstakes is Genuine or Fraud

    Hi Guys, recently one of my friend received Reader's Digest Sweep Stakes 2014 postal in his name to win 17 lacs rupees.... Is this Fraud? or Genuine contest... Terms and Conditions share your views
  2. soumo27

    Reader's Digest Sweepstakes - Is it a scam?

    :shock: I got this mail today:- I signed up for this already, with an option of payment via VPP :sad: of Rs. 499. But I read in some consumer complaint forum that you win nothing. :-( Please let me know something about this!.. Check this link of complaints against them:-...
  3. V

    Funniest incidents that you had during online gaming

    I am taking the privilege of starting this thread so that we all share the most funniest, weirdest moments encountered while playing online. Just yesterday, I was playing a game of left 4 dead 2 versus. My team won & just before the credits, I wrote in global chat: "Jeet gaye". The admin of...
  4. Manshahia

    Collaboration of two BIGGEST Rivals

    Hi guys some days ago, the two big Rival of each other joined hands. I m talking about Microsoft and Novell. What do u think guys,can Open Source Community digest it????
  5. I

    MD5 Message Digest

    Hi, Can someone explain how MD5 Message digest algorithm works? I tried the explanation by RSA, but its complicated. anyone in simple language?
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