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  1. gxsaurav

    [ Concept UI ] Windows Diary

    I was thinking today, what happened to the good old diary we used to keep in real life? Where did it go, has it vanished somewhere? It seems that it really has vanished, or maybe the form is changed. We now spend so much time on computers, why not have a diary which we can password protect...
  2. casanova

    Diary Software

    I am planning to write a diary. So can someone suggest some nice diary softwares. Have been hunting on the net since 3 days, but dint get anything nice.
  3. cool_dude_prav

    [WANTED] Driver for Casio Digital Diary SF-4990

    Hi, I just got myself a USB(PC) to Serial(Digi Diary) Cable for my Casio Digital Diary SF-4990. The thing gets detected, but no drivers are found... I tried searching on Casio site, but never got it... Someone plz upload it for me, if u have it or can find it elsewhere... Also...
  4. himtuna

    Computer Diary

    I want a free personel diary software in which I can write my daily diary notes. I have searched many software but couldn't get better than Diary one But it not a freeware. Please let me know a freeware, which has a beautiful interface just like Diaryone.
  5. F

    Software for Personal Diary

    Is there a software available which would act as a personal diary? I was thinkin of startin to write a diary about ma daily happenigs n stuff. I tried using Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote, but they turned out to be too cumbersome. Im looking for a program which has a word processing...
  6. S

    How toTransfer data from Digital diary to pc

    i have a digital diary made by Casio.. it has become too old and not functioning properly..i have too many contacts in it and many times i m not able to retrieve data from it. i have a cable which connects to serial port of pc and diary but it is not geting detected. can anybody tell me...
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