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  1. T

    Help me in getting new CPU+mb+ram under 30000

    Guys Want some help from you. I am a blogger, I currently have this configuration. Intel i3-2100 DH61WW 4GB DDR3 RAM (1333MHZ) I purchased this 4 years back. Recently I purchased new WDC 1TB hdd and Samsung 850 EVO SSD. SSD is not at all performing well with my sata board with 3GB/s Intel...
  2. T

    3tb hdd for intel dh61ww motherboard?

    hi, I have i5 system with intel dh61ww motherboard i havent updated bios yet, i wanted to upgrade my 1 tb hdd to 3 tb hdd. Can i use 3 tb hdd with my system. I already use 120gb ssd as primary hdd for boot and want 3 tb hard disk for storage purposes purely . please inform as early as...
  3. R

    Graphics Card

    I want to buy a graphics card within INR 3500 or within 3-3.5K the games i want to play are:- battlefield 3 battlefield 4 crysis 3 assassin creed black ops 1,2 my computer configuration is:- core i3 2100 3.1 Ghz (Intel HD 2000) DH61WW LGA 1155 4Gb memory Win 7 64 bit sp1 moniter 1600*900 (max)
  4. TechnoHolic

    Corsair 1600 MHZ RAM on Intel DH61WW

    I have recently got one RAM of corsair 1600 MHZ(CMV4GX3M1A1600C11) but my mobo(Intel DH61WW) Package shows it supports 1066 or 1333 fsb RAM's..The ram module still seal packed, asked the shop,from where it was purchased and they are saying nothing will happen..(Actually it was purchased through...
  5. TechnoHolic

    Intel DC G630 Memory controller

    I've intel 2nd gen Dual Core 2.7 Ghz...intel's site shows that it has 1066 memory controller...but i've installed one 1333 DDR3 RAM on MoBo (Intel DH61WW)...Will it create any problem in future ??..:shock::-( Help Needed...
  6. A

    cheapest possible replacement for my ati radeon 4670

    Hi My Ati Radeon 4670 graphic cards got artifacts and also hdmi port is not working. It seems its kaput so need the know cheapest alternative to it with at par or slight improvements as i was satisfied with the speed of that card. Right now am on onboard graphic of my intel dh61ww. The only...
  7. A

    hd 7870 compatability with inte DH61WW motherboard?

    hey guys i am facing a new problem ...yesterday i went to a local store to upgrade my gpu (hd 7870) bt store man told me that my motherboard (intel DH61WW) is not compatibe with HD 7870 ......what to do guys i need ur suggestions???? my system congig is..... processor=i5 hard disk drive=...
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