1. Scott274

    CRT Monitor Software Degauss !

    I have an 8 years old CRT monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 793s). The problem is I need to degauss the monitor every now and then, but the monitor side panel menu buttons aren't working too well (there is a horseshoe degauss selection there). Now on my old Gigabyte Intel chipset motherboard, I...
  2. Desmond

    How to Degauss monitor?

    Can anyone tell me how to degauss my monitor? My monitor shows up as default monitor in the Display Settings. Originally it is a Vintron 15'' monitor, but has no option to do so. Also, can you tell me if there is a software to do so?
  3. D

    how to degauss in old monitors??

    hi,im using an old colour doesnt hav a option of the advrse effecrt can I degauss?
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