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    PC shuting down even with a good psu 750W. Phew!

    I recently assembled a new PC. But PC shuts down randomly esp. when I do multitasking. I have also checked my CPU temp and M/B temp. It is normal. I don't know how to solve this. Please help. The following is my pc configuration: 4 GB ram DDR3-1333 64 bit OS i5-333CPU@3 GHz ASROCK B75 M HD...
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    Recommend a PSU/Cabinet

    What PSU should I purchase for the following config: Intel 3.3 GHz Core i3 2120 MSI B75MA-P45 2 x Transcend DDR3-1333 DDR3 4 GB XFX HD Radeon 6790 (DD edition) Budget: ~4000 for the PSU, ~3000 for the cabinet
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    PSU for a Core-i3 build

    Hi. I am getting a PC with the following config for a friend. Can you suggest a beefy PSU that can handle these components? Core i3-530 Intel DH55TC board Transcend DDR3-1333 2GB * 2 XFX ATI HD 5670 Seagate 2 * 500 GB SATA 7200rpm HDD Seagate 250 GB HDD (old) Thanks.
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