1. A

    Dragon Ball Z - PC

    Is there any DBZ game for PC ? It should not be too old.
  2. Zangetsu

    World's Strongest Hero...

    What do u think who's strongest from this anime..:D One more questions: Q: Do u think CN is going 2 show complete episodes of DBZ ? coz they have repeated it so many times...:D
  3. anispace

    new episodes of DBZ on CN !!

    has any1 seen the new hindi dubbed dbz on CN. Its pathetic. those idiots on CN made Freeza "d greatest villain on DBZ after Majin Buu" into a female.wtf? also did u guys notice the background music score.Its from the original Japanese dub. strange?? good thing that i have d downloaded...
  4. R

    Calling out to all DBZ Fans

    Hey i'm a big DBZ fan i've watched the show when it first aired abt 6-7yrs back but this time i think they are going to show the entire series i have the entire Dragonball,Dragonball Z,DB GT series and some movies too. let me know if anyone is interested in mumbai and tell me how u like...
  5. K

    Mugen Engine games

    Hey I dont know how many of u must have tried out games based on the mugen engine(eg DBZ vs STREETFIGHTER, DBZ MILLENNIUM 1 & 2, KOf,etc) They are a great fun to play. I know by graphics point of view they suck but u yourself try out such games and see, u wud forget the graphics. My...
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