1. bkpeerless

    1060 specs all models

    I was researchisg which 1060 to buy came across this . Hope it helps others Model Base clock Boost clock Length (cm) Fans Fanless mode Idle temp Load temp Noise vs F.E. [Idle/Load] PNY 1506 1708 25.0 2 No MSI 6GT OC 1544 1759 24.7 2 No EVGA Gaming 1506 1708 17.3 1 No ZOTAC Mini...
  2. sksksksk

    DBA career

    If i wanna be a DBA! What is needed? Is certification course of oracle enough? Would MBA help me!?? I dont want to do it but my parents are forcing alot!
  3. ssb1551

    Career Switch!!

    Hi All, I work as Tech Support Engineer in 1 of the MNCs. I wanna move out from this field into Oracle DBA. I went to a coupla institutes in Bangalore & all of 'em advised me to use fake experience in order to get into CMM level 5 companies in DBA domain. Is there no other way than using fake...
  4. F

    Help : CCNA or MCTS or Oracle DBA

    I am pursuing my B.Tech ( 2nd year) MY college is providing three academies : 1. MCTS (.NET) 2.CCNA 4 modules 3.Oracle DBA Tell me which one to choose for better career ?? I like networking and database both ...but I want to know which one will be more interesting and innovative to...
  5. arko1983

    ups +air cooler suggestion

    i dont need much backup in hrs but ups should hold for atleast 15 mins. Here are my specs:- core i7 920,(will overclock ) gigabyte ex 58 extreme corsair 1000hx, corsair 3x 2gb dominator xfx gtx 9800 gtx+(will buy msi gtx 580 twin frozr ii next week may do a sli later so a little future...
  6. A

    Western Digital 1 TB internal HDD 64MB cache WD10EARS

    Folks, Got this month old Hard Drive, which was not compatible with my old AMD, and since I don't have any other computer as of now, I want to sell it off. The pics are given below, MRP is Rs 8000, place yr bids by PM. shipping charges extra as you prefer, if Delhi, no problem(I live in...
  7. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Music Player Volume and Ear Safety Guide !!

    MusicPlayerVolume & EarSafety Guide !! This guide is to help you and provide you some tips and for your knowledge and Not To Create A Fear Increasing Popularity, Great number of choices , Small, Easy, Good and Fall in Prices and the Coolness factor of having one factors have made us to...
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