1. I

    AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR on Nikon D5200

    Is there any way to turn off VR on AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR on D5200 with updated firmware C 1.03???
  2. J

    Suggest better SLR Camera for Beginner

    Suggest better SLR Camera for me(beginner) D5200 or 700D or A58 Hi, I am planning to buy DSLR camera with dual lens kit in the range of around 35K. I am a beginner to learn photography. As per the comparison, analysis and reviews I have decided to go with one among this. 1. Nikon D5200...
  3. A

    Want to try Nikon D5200 before buying? Any website to rent/hire in Delhi?

    I am planning to buy a Nikon D5200. Primary purpose of the camera would be to shoot short films. I want to try out the camera before buying. Is there any website(like ebay /flipkart) from where i could rent one for a couple of days?
  4. S

    Canon 600d vs nikon d5200/d3300

    Which one to choose?Canon 600d or Nikon d5200/d3300? I am planning to get my new DSLR camera.I have zeroed in on three models which is canon 600d and the nikon d5200 & d3300 since my budget is 35k.I am a casual photographer and I would also like to make some short films too with the camera.I am...
  5. marvelousprashant

    New DSLR: D3300 vs D5200

    Hi guys, posting after a long time. Old members sujoy and nac might remember me. I am planning to buy a DSLR next month. I am looking to get the Nikon D5200 or the D3300 (open to suggestions for other brands too) Budget is 30-35K with kit lens. I have a few specific questions: 1. In a number...
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