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  1. Rajat Giri

    Are these temperatures safe ?

    These are the temperatures shown by SpeedFan Processor at idle is running hot, what could be the problem ? PC Specs Intel i3 3220 Sapphire HD7850 2GB Gigabyte Ga b75m d3h Corsair cx430V2 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  2. Rajat Giri

    Suggest a UPS

    I want to buy a UPS to get backup for 5 minutes so I can save my work and shutdown My config. is i3 3220 Gigabyte GA B75M D3H Sapphire HD7850 2 GB Corsair CX 430V2 1TB HDD My budget is around rupees 4500-5000
  3. R

    Gigabyte H87M d3h bios currupt issue

    I assembeled new PC with Gigabyte h87m d3h mobo. But whenever PC boots up first time , I get problem : system powers on, fan spins for a few sec, powers off! After multiple attempts , corrupt bios message from mobo comes : " DUALBIOS Main BIOS is corrupted. System will recovery from Backup...
  4. NoasArcAngel

    haswell or ivy?

    getting a new pc... i5 4430 + gtx 650ti boost oc or i5 3450 + hd 7870 xt ? confused. Still cant make up mind. Suggestions please. :) im getting i5 4430 @ 12k gigabyte b85m d3h @ 5.7k msi gtx 650ti boost 2gb @ 12.7k i5 3450 @ 10.5 gigabyte b75m d3h @ 4.3k hd 7870 sapphire...
  5. riders4siam

    Mobo for Intel Core i7 3770 3rd Gen?

    Guys, need some help in choosing Motherboard for Core i7 3770 3rd generation processor intend for gaming and some video convertion. Also mention the vendor where i could get those. Here's a listed Board that i knew: GIGABYTE GA- Z77P-D3 GIGABYTE GA- Z77M-D3H GIGABYTE GA- H77-DS3H GIGABYTE...
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