1. mati17

    Video Cutter

    Hi Everyone ! Please suggest me good video cutter freeware or c***** one. Thanks !
  2. G

    [HELP] Modding a cabinet .

    After seeing some modified cabs , i also want to mod my cabinet in my own way . like adding LED'S , Fans , Grills , Side window ...etc . Is there anything more which i could add in this ? Tools are not a problem coz i already have them . but i dont have a cutter to cut the metal piece . rest...
  3. heartripple

    dvd cutter

    hey i have somany dvds of films and i wanted to cut the videoongs from the dvd so please suggest me some good dvd cutter for it:cool:
  4. mr.geniius

    need software

    Is there any mp3 cutter in sis format.for nokia 70.
  5. saurabh kakkar

    Unable to install Cutter

    I m unable to install Cutter in my windows xp earlier it use to install perfectly but now when i try to install windows gives the following error message : plz help me to rectify this problem
  6. I

    audio cutter and joiner

    i have recorded audio on 16000/32000 i want to cut some irelevant parts but the common cuters can not.suggest me some good audio cutter and joiner.thanx
  7. saipradeepg

    Video Cutter

    Hi Friends, This might be a silly question. I want a Video cutter...Which can accept any input file... Just like our VLC player :eek:. UI should be very friendly. Need it bit urgent...Can you suggest on the same... I have VDUB but looking for some thing other than that... Best Regards, Pradeep
  8. wizrulz

    .VOB cutter

    IS there any s/w (free) which will hell me cut a .vob file smothing like VCD cutter???
  9. mohitgiri

    dvd cutter

    i want to cut a clip from *.vob file. please help me
  10. A

    Dvd Cutter

    Please suggest me a software that can cut and join VOB files or say a DVD cutter, freeware - preferable.
  11. R

    saved mpg file of vcd cutter not playable

    I am using vcd cutter for ripping video from vcd's. But the problem is the ripped video is not playable in any of the media players. I have tried VLC media player. I have also tried software like sherlock, gspot etc. I have even installed K-lite codec mega pack full. But still problem is not...
  12. photon

    DVD cutter????

    How i can cut DVD files (VOB files)??
  13. S

    Except VCD Cutter!!!!!!!!!

    Except VCD Cutter is there any other software that can cut clips and join them simultaneouly?
  14. V


    Any one got good software to cut a part of dvd or vob file and convert to diffrent formats like a vcd cutter ?
  15. M

    Any Good VCD Cutting Tools Around ?!!!

    Yo guys, Can anyone suggest a good vcd cutting tool other than VCD Cutter or Super Decoder. All the better if it's something free.Also it must be able to cut directly from VCD's without having to store the DAT onto the hard disk.And It should also support ALL DAT files,Unlike some proggies like...
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