1. Nerevarine

    [ANDROID] [EARLY BETA] Arena Commander

    Arena Commander is a wave survival game, in which you pilot a ship of your choosing and survive multiple waves of increasingly tough and varied enemies.. Earn credits and further upgrade your ship with new weapons and abilities How to Play: - Use the left stick to control your ship's movement...
  2. maverick786us

    Buying Skype Credits

    Can someone tell me, how much would it cost if I buy Skype credits to make skype calls in some landline or mobile in middle east? Is it really worth to buy skype credit because a 16 minute call in Muscat costs 296 bucks from Airtel
  3. maverick786us

    Buying Skype Credits

    Can someone tell me for how much would Skype Credits cost if you make frequent International and Inter state calls? Is it really worth to purchase skype credits. Because I made a 16 minute call to Muscat which costed me 250 bucks. So in case of Skype calls, how much will it charge?
  4. Siddharth_1

    Urgent need some help with facebook...

    My friend, who is not at home, wants to buy some facebook credits(i did not tell me why). He asked me to tell how to buy fb credits with a credit card. He says he can only access facebook using his ipod touch by the facebook app. I cant a way buy fb credits to buy fb credits from the ipod touch...
  5. D

    [Query] myntra credits with facebook signup

    myntra says it provides credit worth 750 rs with facebook login for first purchase does that means that if i want to purchase a product worth 900 i need to pay only 150 rs for first time how does this 750 rupees credits actually work anybody have any experience
  6. Alok

    Unstoppable Gorg

    A Thrilling space tower defence game with fleshy graphics and addictive gameplay. Unstoppable Gorg for PC Reviews, Ratings, Credits, and More at Metacritic
  7. gdebojyoti

    Soundtrack of PC games

    Is there any website from which one can download the sound tracks of most of the new PC games? Also, can someone tell me the name of the first music that is played during the Credits display in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood? Thanks in advance.
  8. P

    Life Clickz a site to get free gifts(better than lockerz)

    What is LifeClickz? LifeClickz is the newest social network available at everywhere, to everyone, in everytime. You can chat and have conversations with friends, answer the daily questions, completing offers, posting status updates, inviting/referring friends, playing multiplayer games...
  9. xbonez

    Graw 2

    guys, i was just playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare2. After i finished the mission Get Me Rosen (Act II), no more missions unlocked in the main menu. However, i don't think this is the last mission in the game, since i didn't get any credits aftert that mission, and it was too easy to be the...
  10. iMav

    Microsoft Pays Businesses to Use Live Search

    Microsoft is offering businesses money to not use Google Word of the program first came from John Battelle’s Searchblog, which features description and pictures outlining Microsoft’s “Service Credits for Web Search.” As quoted in the entry, Microsoft is pushing its plan with the following...
  11. Third Eye

    Microsoft Pays Businesses to Use Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Live Search

  12. phreak0ut

    Why Linux doesn't need defragging

    I had this question in mind for a long time. My friend helped me to clear the doubt. Credits goes to him as well for giving me the link. Check out here to know why.
  13. dinesh_mettur

    Mig33 Free Credits Info plz!!!!

    hi dudes am using mig33 mobile chat app in my k750i now my free credits are over for voice calls , i know i will get free credits again by inviting friends Is there any other way 2 get free credits in mig33????
  14. F

    How many Games have you completed?

    List all your games completed, for current or earlier systems. A game is completed is you manage to see the credits. My games completed list can be found at- *
  15. D

    Awesome FREE sms sites , truly working in all over Inida

    YEAH ! 1) gives u 50 sms credits at a time to send sms in india , so send 1 sms @ 1 credit , its working + send ringtones as well ! 2) -3 credits 3) - 3 credits 4) , gives u 15 credits / month and each credit equal to...
  16. dreams

    VCD Menu Creator

    Hi all.. V as a team r goin on a tour and i hv some gud compilation of vids with me.. i want to write them in a CD.. I need 2 create a VCD Menu like when i play the CD the menu appears first.. in the menu i need abt 20 names 2 b included and a title.. i.e., i need the credits been shown in...
  17. N

    avi editing

    I've downloaded a lot of movies which are 704-707 Mb in size. Is there an easy to use (preferabaly freeware/shareware) software with which I can cut the credits at the end and reduce the filesize to >700 Mb so that the movie can fit on a cd?? Please help. I'm running out of disk space.
  18. P

    how abt panasonic x500 in regard to sreen & cam quality?????

    i dont know abt it....plzz someone who r using it...tell abt its credits??
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