1. bssunilreddy

    The Windows 10 Creators update will launch on April 11th

    Hai, The Windows 10 Creators update will launch on April 11th The Windows 10 Creators update will start rolling out to consumers on April 11th, finally bringing Windows 10 Game Mode to PC gamers as well support for additional mixed reality experiences and Beam streaming integration. It...
  2. Flash

    Indian GFX companies losing creativity?

    I was shocked to see the below movie poster today morning, in newspapers.. Posters which i've grabbed, after seeing the above: Title is self-explanatory.. Are we really losing creativity? Our filmmakers are copying movies, that's a well-known fact. But, Gfx...
  3. H

    Toribash : The art of ragdoll physix

    Well, according to our digit writers, Toribash is a game that we have (n)ever played!:D It has cool physix and though silly, you won't feel boredom for hours. Wait this is not a review, don't Move the thread! I think most of us have got this game via the may CD and for those who did not get...
  4. Charley

    Can small gaming companies suceed in todays gaming market

    Too bad the underdog never wins anymore--industry bullies, megacorporations such as Electronic Arts, Ubi Soft, and Infogrames, take no prisoners and give no quarter to any up-and-coming publishers or developers. They have a stifling presence, sapping the creativity and innovation right out...
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