1. unni

    Microsoft FAT patent fails in Germany

    While the U.S. courts recently reaffirmed Microsoft's FAT (File Allocation Table) patents, the German Patent Federal Court has just dismissed the patent for use in Germany. According to a report in the German news publication Heise Online, the court has denied the protection that the European...
  2. linardni

    Are emails legal doc?

    Are print outs of e-mails considered as legal document in any Indian court proceeding?
  3. eddie

    Buying a low end desktop

    Hello, Someone I know needs to buy a low end desktop PC. The only use of this PC will be, to type lots of MS Word Documents to take print outs. To be more specific, this person sits in front of a court and types various documents for people. He just wants to give up on his old typewriter and...
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