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  1. T

    Laptop for 50-60k to use Photoshop & Corel Draw illustrator.

    I use Photoshop & Corel Draw and Illustrator. Mostly graphical tools. Brand: major brand. which is best for service/reliability. less problems. Size: 14"+ Nice display.
  2. F

    PC [architecture]

    Hello, This is my first post, and I need help to buy my new desktop PC for architectural drawing and rendering. I use software : ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, PhotoShop, Ilustrator, Corel, Artlantsi, 3D Studio MAX ... My budget is 2000$ for PC, Monitor (27 inches) and UPS. Thank you!
  3. IronCruz

    Corel Draw x3 Emergency

    Hi i tried to install corel draw x3 on my Windows XP sp2. But i get this kind of error please help me out. I want this software very badly.
  4. techking_dinesh

    Pdf to Corel Draw ?? Help

    Hello, I am a web designer I had designed some product catalogues in Corel Draw for my Site after dat , i converted them to pdf by File >> Print >> Selecting Adobe pdf as the Printer >> and clicking on print. I got my desired pdf and i displayed it on the web. Problem: My PC Crashed . I lost...
  5. Rahim

    [URGENT] How to open cdr files without Corel Draw

    Hi guys. I had some designs made by a designer but he did not informed me that it was Corel Draw files with extension .cdr My problem is how can i open it (just for viewing and not editing) without installing Corel Draw (I use Linux)? Or any apps which can convert to some image formats like...
  6. DigitDonz

    BackUp Err...

    Hey guys, can any one answer this question : What do backup actually mean just copying the important files into other external storage; can we backup any software software such as Office, Corel Draw or something similar to that ?
  7. S

    Best mobo for E4400/E4500

    Friends, I want to assemble a new PC on E4400/E4500. Please suggest a good motherboard that have on board graphics, onboard sound, Can install WinXp SP2, Vista Premium and Linux. Produce less heat. Brand does not matter. But should be availble easily. This PC will be used for; 1) Adobe Photoshop...
  8. A

    Vista Compatibility Softwares

    Hi this is ankti 1 of the thnkdigit forum members i have bought hp laptop with vista ultimate but i want to know whether photoshop corel n others have come up with the latest version n is compatible with vista spclly in vista ultimate
  9. stellar

    Error Starting Corel Draw X3

    I get this error message while opening corel draw X3 " Unable to create a DOM document class not registered verify that MSXML 4 is installed". And " Valid workspace file not found at the path specified." and the program doesn't loads. I think i deleted some file used by corel draw when using...
  10. Ihatemyself

    MXML problem in corel 12 & 10

    This is urgent guys .i am sick of corel. this is d problem 1.corel 12.0 shows mxml4 error 2. corel 10.0 runs but on giving open command stops rsponding. 3.i hav installed corel 10.0 after having my grey matter burst out on corel 12.0 4. tried installing,uninstalling, dont want to make...
  11. T

    Laptop help ....its urgent

    Desktop help ....its urgent A friend of mine is into fashion designing in nift.... he wants a branded desktop for personal use.... basic purpose 1. word processing 2. may be softwares such as corel draw. 3. watch movies 4. music... can any one suggest any pc for rs 20,000 or less.......
  12. techno_funky

    Corel Aquires InterVideo & Ulead

    Source: neowin.net View: Press Release
  13. W

    Corel Draw X3

    Hi, I have downloaded the corel Draw X3 trial from the site but during installation it says that something has interrupted the installation and stopped the installation. Is there any solution.
  14. anandk

    corel 'reader' ???

    like the foxit reader, which is a replacement reader for adobe pdf files, is there any such small utility which opens up corel files ? instead of using coreldraw, which takes time to load i'd like to use such an utility if it exists. anyone know !?
  15. RCuber

    Adobe Photoshop CS2 Vs Corel Paint Shop Pro X

    I have been using Photoshop CS2 for just over two weeks and im very impressed with it. Boy By just using a few filters PS can do magic. I also did test paint shop but i didnt like it , maybe because i have become comfortable with PS. Both look similar but i feel PS has got more features than...
  16. jay4u

    Corel photoalbum trial key wanted..

    I downloaded corel photo album trial version. But it is asking me for a trial key to install it. i try to connect to internet through the interface but it does not connect. Can somebody give me the trial key for Corel Photoalbum 6. Please note : i am not asking for any crack or serial key but...
  17. hcp006sl

    Corel Paint Shop Pro X released

    Finally Corel has released Paint Shop Pro X. Trial is available now. To download trial version go to Corel.com, create a free account, if you don't have any and then logon to Corel.com download the file named Corel_PaintShopPro1000_EN_TBYB_TrialESD.exe (104.63 MB).
  18. john_the_ultimate

    corel draw 12 tutorial?

    Could someone post some corel draw 12 tutorial.
  19. K

    new pc config (35-40K)

    guys i am upgrading pls give suggestions for the config. i would use it mainly for photoshop and corel( dtp work) the must is 15" tft, 8) 8)
  20. kl_ravi

    Has Corel Corp acquired Jasc Paintshop Pro ???

    Friends, When I visited http://www.jasc.com , it is getting redirected to Corel Home page, does this mean Corel has acquired Paintshop Pro package ?? Can somebody throw more light on this ???
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