1. chandan3

    Xbox 360 controler buying advice

    I ll buy xbox 360 controler from which sites gives 1 year warranty and gennuine product.
  2. manik786wani

    xbox360 controler , webcame , tv tuner

    gaming pad xbox360 controler for computer 1k only for window 8 pro 64bit webcame want any but having good qulity 1.2mp in 1-2k tv tuner a good in under 0.9k
  3. A

    SATA on IDE mobo

    i have ide asrock p4i45gv mobo i want buy new pc in end of year but now i have big problem of space can i install sata hdd on ide mobo? what about ide to sata controler? can there big performance diffrent between ide and sata? where i get ide to sata controler in mumbai?
  4. A

    i want IDE to SATA

    i have got ide mobo i want ide to sata controler to install sata hdd to ide mobo i m frm mumbai what is price of it (i want this new not old)
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