1. Apollo

    We don't need no... homework! YAY!!

    Remember all the time you spent doing homework cooped up inside your house, trying to pay attention to what's inside your textbook while all your friends were busy playing cricket or football downstairs and creating an unusually loud ruckus? Distracting you to the maximum? Turns out, homework's...
  2. Inceptionist

    Diploma In Information Security Management

    I came across this course in security management which is being conducted by IDEMI which comes under MSME (Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) I wanted to do a course in network security but I was hesitating as there are many shady courses without any proper recognition. But as this...
  3. T

    MOUS examination

    1)could you tell me about MOUS examination? A)what is the syllabus? B)When is it conducted? C) Where is it conducted? [In mumbai] D) Expenses of the examination E) Who is eligible? F) Have you appeared for this examination? G) Job profile on passing this examination Awaiting for a...
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