1. M

    Steam problem

    I have been trying t download dota on steam*but it completes about half it restarts what should i do?
  2. ash2win

    Can't update directX9.0b to directX9.0c

    I brought a new system with configration- Intel C2D 4300,1GB DDR2(667)RAM,G965 MB(GA3000),seagate 160GB,WinXP i can't play any new shows i want directX9.0c.When i checked it only has 9.0b.then i try updating it many times,setup completes very fast but DirectX diagnostic tool shows...
  3. F

    Hp Printer 6208

    Hi Guys I recently purchased a new HP All in One printer 6208. It is connected with a USB wire. It detects and the installation also completes but when i try to print it gives me a comunication error. Please help
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