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  1. M

    [Praise] Homeshop18 Refund without Product Return

    Hi, This happened to a colleague who had shopped at Homeshop18 for a pressure cooker. The first order was placed around the mid of December 2012. It was shipped within 2~3 days, and turned out to be defective. Most of the handle pieces were broken or chipped and the main cooker body had...
  2. montsa007

    15-20k Notebook

    A colleague needs a notebook within 15-20k budget. He isn't tech savvy and not a good colleague, so suggest a mild laptop which will occasionally serve him as a punishment for not being good :twisted:
  3. curioustechy

    pdf search

    I've scanned a document and as my scanner is having provision to save directly as a pdf file, I did that. But later on when I searched a word in that document, though its there it didn't turn up. One of my colleague told that you have to convert the scanned pdf files to OMR format. What is that...
  4. iMav

    Women flirt their way to top: survey

    New Delhi: Forget sisterhood - majority of working women would rather have a male boss and flirt their way to the top, says a recent survey conducted in the UK. According to a survey done by magazine Harper's Bazaar women complain of inequality in the workplace and yet they rely upon their...
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