1. R

    Root Sucessful but how to install CM9 ?

    Hello there I succesfully Rooted my phone.. I want to install CM9 as my first custom ROM,I'm looking for good battery life. Any other suggestions are most welcome. I need links or videos on how to install CM9 Custom ROM. Does Installing Custom ROMs Brick phones? I mean when Installing...
  2. akii17kr

    If it is advisable to buy SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 rite now ??

    Well guys, i m getting a 2nd hand galaxy s2 i9100 1 month old in just new condition for 21k.. so want ur opinions n advices... should i go for it ?? it has already very huge developer support.. already has cm9 n beta cm10 n other jb n ics roms... so wat do u think? if next android...
  3. NoasArcAngel

    Linaro project for Android

    We all know that the current version of Google’s Android operating system is already really speedy in comparison to the previous OS updates. But if a post by Odroids is to be believed, then it could be a 100 percent faster with an Android build called Linaro that is a joint project between...
  4. H

    CM9 Help

    Hello all, I have trying to port CM9 from Dell XCD 35 (better known as ZTE Blade) to XCD 28 (better known as ZTE Racer), but the only problem i am getting is a pointer on screen and accessing menu's etc you have to move the touch and click so its real pain. Anyone else had this problem ...
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