1. masterkd

    Weird chrome behaviour

    My chrome crashed once and after that it refuses to open any webpage or even the chrome:// pages. Tried uninstalling, deleting all chrome related folders, clearing registry but nothing helped See the screenshot below. Any idea how can I fix this? Thanks in advance.
  2. jkultimate

    Will Clearing RTC Ram using jumpers erase password that saved in windows?

    I set a new password for my system, yesterday. But now I've forgot that password. I cannot log-in to windows. Am using windows 7 ultimate 32bit. ASUS M4A88TM LE mother board. Will clearing RTC ram on motherboard using Jumpers erase this password? Or Removing battery erase password...
  3. i_am_crack

    Creative Speaker 2.1

    Creative SBS A380->Paid 1400+70=1470/- April 4th 2010 Brand New Just opened to check all parts are OK! Want to sell it as i need money for clearing some due.. Please advise for how much to sell.. Bangalore people preferred to avoid courier transport and others..any takers? Please...
  4. Zangetsu

    Problem of Google in IE 6

    Hi, the keywords i typed in google r still visible after clearing cookies,history...:( wat cud be the problem...:eek:
  5. Akshay

    Megaupload & Guardster

    I have been using guardster to download stuff from megaupload & other similar sites. * But off-late I am not able to download even after using guardster. If I use Firefox, when I click on "click here to download", a new page opens with a "0" on it. If I use...
  6. U

    Dialing Problem

    :idea: :?: By clicking dial on dial up connection, PC restarts without any warning. WinXP SP1. After clearing offline contents, problems is cured but same thing takes place after 2-3 reboots.
  7. M

    system32/drivers/pci.sys !!! Help !!!

    Hi. I have a little problem. Yesterday I was working on my computer after a some while my computer went to black screen. Then I restarted the computer by pressing the reset button. Now an error message "Windows could not load as the following file system32/drivers/pci.sys apperas to be...
  8. T

    how to edit the url bar in your browser

    Is it possible to edit the url addresses in the drop down box in your browser say IE as well as Firefox(especially) without clearing the history? :?: If yes please do let me know.
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