1. A

    UPSC Preparation

    Best classes in Mumbai for UPSC Preparation.
  2. S

    is this course worth doing??

    i am in commerce stream in class 11th state board and my aim is to do and then work for 3 years and then do my MBA and i recently came across a course from NIIT which is "Diploma in Business Systems Information Management". In this course, i have to do classes in the institue in class...
  3. krishnandu.sarkar

    Power Searching With Google

    Power Searching With Google classes just started from today...!! So anyone here attending them..?? I had enrolled a week ago and just got a mail notifying the classes have just started..!! (Thanks to that, I forgot the date!!) So anyone interested can join @...
  4. J

    Any reviews on sony handcyam with projector?

    Hi guys, I am keen on buying this new Handycam frrm Sony that projector built inside the camcorder. I want to use this for my classes like showing some good off field videos to students. has anyone tried it as yet?
  5. Y

    What is the use of Inheritance ?

    What are the use of Inheritance? And what is the different between them and simple classes.
  6. Soumik99

    Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning

    This is the second most hyped fantasy- RPG currently(next to Skyrim) and its certainly going to be epic(watch the video please :)) ) yC03bufEwBY The features of the game are as listed(Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - EA Games VQqKxzsTaF4&feature=related -v1Cnzel3pI&feature=relmfu...
  7. Nipun

    What are Private, Classes, Sub and such commands in C++?

    Hi again! I started to learn C++ sometime ago from NIIT, but unfortunately I had an accident and I was unable to complete the classes. I know the basics of C++, but I was thinking what are these commands/statements that I have seen in many programs: Private Class(I even dont know that :P) Sub...
  8. @

    Guitar classes in Bangalore

    I have decided to learn Guitar in my holidays. Are classes worth ? Useful ? or it is better to learn myself ? If it is waste of money, then I can utilize same money in purchasing Guitar. If going classes is good, then suggest me a good tutor / classes near to Dairy Circle, Bangalore...
  9. gEEK001

    FIITJEE or Bansal Classes or Allen??

    Hi Friends! I have cleared the FIITJEE Admission Test and I got selected for 2 year Program in South Delhi Kalu Sarai Centre. I am confused whether to join FIITJEE or go to Bansal Classes Kota but I have heard 22 of the senior Faculty has left Bansal and joined Allen.. Please Suggest...
  10. S

    Help:Java program for processor performance

    Hey guys I am Trying to develop a program which tests Overall performance of processor using Java. I am not that good with Java. Even if you suggest Classes to be used I will do the other home Work...............
  11. Crazykiller

    Vidyamandir Classes

    Are the Vidyamandir Classes really good for IIT-JEE preparations??? I am appearing for the Enterance Exam for Vidyamandir on 7th April............ Is the faculty for The Punjabi Bagh (Delhi) Branch good??????? AND Where do i get the sample papers for Vidyamandir Classes??? AND Plz provide some...
  12. U

    How to make jar

    I have all the src code with all the java files, i want to make them into classes and form jar. how to do that?
  13. N

    help for the following statement

    can please any one tell me what is the meaning of the below statement 1) Account acc; 2) Account acc = new Savings Account; can the second statement be applied for abstract classes as i have heared abstract classes cannot be instantiated but we can create objects:confused: :confused...
  14. pritish_kul2

    Learning Guitar

    Hey guys...i m just on the verge of learning a i live in Sarojini Nagar,New Delhi...any classes u knw of??? and which guitar should i buy??
  15. pritish_kul2


    Need the syllabus of Science fro classes VI,VII,VIII and X
  16. satyamy

    Need a Good Hardware Classes in Mumbai......?

    I want a Good Hardware Classes in Mumbai In these area between Sion, Matunga, Dadar & wanted to know What is this Govt Certificate for Hardware & Networking What is the Procedure to Give Govt. Exams.........?
  17. nithinks

    URGENT-Executing JAVA programs

    hello members.. I have written some important programs(mainly servlet) in java.. i have installed JDK5.0 and JRE (which was provided in digit CD) but it gives the error like for.. import* and for HttpServlet classes and i need a program called servlet.. so.. what can i do...
  18. R

    Universal View ???

    My friends and me have got together and started to teach kids the basics of programming (nice socia job, eh !). We have connected our comps in a network but it is a tedious job to tell the students by drawing everyting on the black board and explaining to them manually to each and every kid if...
  19. B

    How to record streaming real media ??

    i wanna know ,how i can record streaming real videowith audio. i WANNA RECORD ALL MY ONLINE CLASSES , PLZ HELP ME .
  20. tuXian

    .:: What is a Domain Class ? ::.

    I was browsing a site that claimed that its domain is a class B domain. I had heard about the different IP address classes, but domains of different classes never heard of it! Does the domain class really exist? If yes how to identify and Class A, B and so on domains??
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