1. meetdilip

    Apps with Chromecast 2 support

    Could you share a few good and popular apps that support Chromecast 2 ? As of now, I know of YouTube and Hotstar. Does MX Player support casting ?
  2. meetdilip

    Chromecast 2 issues

    Moto E3 Power is not able to cast anything other than YouTube to Chromecast 2. I have Google Home app installed, but when I try to cast anything other than through YouTube, apps hang. I have to restart the phone to make anything work again. Any way to fix it ?
  3. Tenida

    Android TV box or chromecast for TV?

    I bought a new non-smart Sanyo 43'' Inch TV recently from Amazon. And now I want to cast the digital content to the TV like youtube and other stuffs. Is the Google Chromecast 2 is a worthy buy? Or any good android TV box is available? Please suggest.
  4. S

    Need help on buying Chromecast

    Hi All, Please suggest is it worth to buy google chromecast? Or any other such hardware is available in market? Use:- Accessing youtube on LED 32 inch tv.
  5. GhorMaanas

    chromecast - n00b requires some quick advice about it

    hello! the youtube app on my tv (panasonic 50vt20) expired a few months back. was looking for an alternative to play youtube vids properly since then. will then chromecast device be good to stream the vids on it? if yes, then shall quickly buy it from snapdeal as a member has got a coupon for...
  6. $hadow

    Buying chromecast

    I am looking forward to buy chromecast and want to get some input if any one has purchased it. Google do not sell it officially in India if I am not wrong so will it still be usable in India without any hassle.
  7. quagmire

    Google introduces Chromecast to stream content to TV

    Google Chrome Blog: From TVs to tablets: Everything you love, across all your screens * Chromecast hardware specs Marvell DE3005 SoC Product Brief - Armada 15002 - built-in GPU Vivante GC1000(3D graphics GC1000...
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