1. Worried From Bugs

    Happy Christmas to All !!!

    Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas & New Year!!
  2. F

    Desktop Icons Arranger 1.0 (Sharing to 3 Persons Only)

    Yesterday i have purchased the legal copy of Desktop Icons Arranger 1.0 Now i want to sahre this program in 3 persons only...for free those who want pm me...or mail me: Those who wants..plz pm me or reply here or mail me
  3. Gigacore

    Apple to limit iPhone sales for Christmas rush

    TECHNOLOGY group Apple plans to limit sales of its hugely popular iPhone to two for each customer to prevent illegal trafficking in the telephones and preserve stocks for Christmas. Read More
  4. techno tublai

    Playing avi.002

    I recently downloaded a few batman- the animated series clips from the rapidshare website. The 145mb files are splitted as 100 and 45 mb respectively. While the 100 mb first file plays perfect, the second file refuses to play, whether in Divx or Media player classic or Powed DVD. This is the...
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