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  1. kARTechnology


    Hi completed C subject in my Engineering:-D... Today I developed a code, I'm getting array is too large and structure is too large.but i need large structures, or is there any alternative way? the aim is to STORE log records(roll,time) from a fingerprint-based time attendance soft which...
  2. S

    Getting frequent dc MTNL mumbai

    I am getting dc every 40 mins. Its very irritating while playing game. Recently my diablo3 hardcore char died bec of dc. Also having problems playing youtube videos on 480px. It hangs a lot
  3. K

    Ragnarok Online 2

    Anyone playing Ragnarok and if yes what is ur char name? Lets catch up in-game.
  4. RBX

    C++: 2d char arrays | File handling

    I have a System Software lab test this Monday and we haven't been taught a thing. I tried something but am stuck at most basic things. Here is my program, I need to find function signatures from a C program and add them to array. Working with Java for quite long has totally erased whatever C...
  5. bijay_ps

    Please Explain

    I have downloaded this top down parsing program from the net. but am not able to understand the working of fuction "process". somebody please help me in getting the concept of the program. #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<string.h> class parse { int...
  6. ruturaj3

    Integer range in C

    HI, In C int is by default, signed short int so it uses 2 bytes(I m talking abt 16 bit compiler). and its range is -32768 to 32767. And char uses 1 byte. char ch = 1300, printf("%d",ch); prints 20. coz, it takes only 8 bits. 1300 = 0101 0001 0100 in binary. so when storing 1300...
  7. pushkar

    Need a little help

    I am creating a little movie rental program for a project. I am in Class 12. The code is below: #include<fstream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> #include<stdlib.h> class movie { int no; char title[100]; int year; float rating; int rented...
  8. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Several C++ File Handling Queries**Urgent**

    hi guys, Am trying to make a program in C++(turboC++) where a user fills a form and all his details are saved in a file. This file is later used for Login and other purpose. Its something similar to banking. Queries: 1) How to make the file name as variable? 2) How to find a specific string in a...
  9. digitalage

    Compiler design

    i was struggling for A program on net that can check the variable declaration in a file for example int, char, etc. can anyone provide it to me,,,,,
  10. clmlbx

    c++ problems

    1. #include<fstream.h> main() { ifstream in("file.txt"); ofstream out("fi.txt"); char item[20]; int count; for(count=1;count<=164;count++) { in>>item; out<<item<<" "; in>>item; out<<item<<" "; in>>item; out<<item<<" "; } in.close(); out.close(); return 0; } problem is ..... in above programme...
  11. clmlbx

    what's the problem ?

    see this code.........this works perfectly in turbo c, borland c 4.5 but gives a error in visual c++ 2008. code:- few more questions :- what does "using namespace std;" means................. this above code is out dated as per visual 2008 ..............so what is outdated in...
  12. zegulas

    Whats wrong with this C++ code?

    I attended my 1st C++ lecture yesterday and learnt this program, after trying to compile & run it in Dev C++, it just runs n goes away in fraction of a second, I don't even know if it shows correct answer or not!
  13. arunks

    plz remove error in my c program

    i wrote a program which is given below #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> struct employee { char name[5]; char deptt[5]; int idcode; float s; }; void main() { struct employee emp[2]; int i,j; clrscr(); for(i=0;i<2;i++) { gets(emp[i].name); gets(emp[i].deptt); scanf("%d",&emp[i].idcode)...
  14. devilzdad

    C question??

    void main() { char far *ptr1,*ptr2; printf("%d %d", sizeof(ptr1),sizeof(ptr2)); } The output look like 4 2 why not it become 4 4. Note: sorry guys its "sizeof(ptr2)"
  15. P

    My Tally Problem

    Hi all, I am facing problem with my new Tally 9, I am runing it on Windows 98.While making entries, I get error stating problem in "Tansmgr.900" and "Char 512". I keep getting this error.. is there any way out for this.. Please Help -Piyush
  16. n2casey

    Solution needed for 2 problems

    I have P-4 1.7 GHZ, 256 MB DDR RAM, 40 GB sys. I m using WinXP Pro SP2, NAV 2005. I have some CD which I write few months b4 but now I came 2 know that each s/w, present on those CDs is infected with Win32 Valla & Pinfi viruses. I tried to repair files with NAV but it modified/corrupted...
  17. Official Techie


    class stationary { char type; char manufacturer[10]; public : stationary(); void Read_sta_details(); void Disp_Sta_details(); }; class office : public stationary { int no_of_types; float cost_of_sta; public: void Read_off_details(); void Disp_off_details(); }; class...
  18. I

    C++ question

    I wrote an encryption/decryption prog in c++ using the xor operator(im just a n00b) suppose my input is my name is dheeraj kumar. then my encrypted form is 㵧≥㙁刁Ԁ幅㸵ጕȕൽĜᰄ鉏 when i decrypt it the output is my name is dheeraj kumar.ÿš i dont know how i got the extra 2...
  19. Maverick340


    #include<iostream.h> void main() { int d; char a; cout<<"Please enter your Date of Birth In the following Format :"; cout<<"DD\n" ; cin>>d; switch(d) { case (1): a="One"; break; case (2) :a="Two"; break; case (3) :a="Three"; break; default:a="Null 0000"; } cout<<a; }...
  20. G

    javascript for deleting repeating char

    hi can anyone give me javascript to delete repeating duplicate char from string . and to make one string from than eg nik and aish . i is comman so final string will be nkash thanx
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