1. Kiran.dks

    Browser War! Firefox market share tails off!!

    Browser War! Firefox market share tails off!! Safari and Internet Explorer gain ground Global market share for Mozilla's open source Firefox browser dropped to 13.67 per cent in January. The browser was running on 14 per cent of the world's computers in December, according to data...
  2. T

    Tax your way to piracy!

    Yes! the Union Budget 2006 announced by Finance Minister has : Quote "138. I propose to impose an 8 per cent excise duty on packaged software sold over the counter. Customized software and software packages downloaded from the internet will be exempt from this levy." Unquote So...
  3. D

    Open source taking over Europe

    Nearly half of European local government bodies are using open source software while nearly a third don't know that they are using open source at all. A Maastricht University survey of 12 counties has reportedly found 49 per cent using Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) while 70 per cent...
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