1. patkim

    3G falls back to 2G - Celkon A35K

    I have Idea Prepaid SIM card and my phone Celkon A35K is 3G Capable. In Pune I notice that even though I have set my Mobile Network to 3G (Only two options 2G or 3G, there is no preferred 3G option therein) in my phone, it frequently falls back to 2G. I have to then manually first set to 2G and...
  2. rickenjus

    Celkon, Intex set for Google's Android One

    Source - Celkon, Intex set to be Google's new India partners for Android One What I think is while this will surely give boost to Indian Brands but the question is will they be able make full use of it.!! Why don't these brands open R&D centers here and start producing one phone or two on...
  3. S

    Celkon A97i - Alternative for A100 or A18

    I bought New Celkon A97I. Its working fine for me. As all mentioned Camera is worst. I plan to buy A100 or A18. But based on the below review I bought this mobile. My score 9. for Rs. 8000 is worth able mobile. Celkon A97i android phone unboxing & first looks - YouTube...
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