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  1. Y

    Alternatives For Nero

    I Was looking for alternative for nero 8 which is free and light weight. i use features like multisession data cd\dvd and video cd\dvd. thanks in advance.
  2. ax3

    Digit cd\dvd music ! ! !

    some months of digit cd\dvd have nice soundtrack in bg .... how 2 extract\copy them ?
  3. ax3

    Software Digit ppl use ! ! !

    which software do digit ppl use 2 create superb cd\dvd interface ?
  4. N

    Problem With My DVD Writer ???

    I am using benq 1640 DW DVD writer... I have some problems, I dono where the problem is, With my dvd writer or my system... My problem is : When i insert any cd or dvd it doesn't show the name of the cd\dvd in my computer, i.e. it remains as DVD-RW Drive... And it doesn't auto start...
  5. hemant_mathur

    Office 2003 sp2

    Can anyone tell me if the ms office 2003 sp2 has been on the digit cd\dvd. If yes then which month?
  6. P

    how to re-open a finalized CD\DVD ???

    Is there any damn software which can open a new session for writing a CD\DVD which is finalized ??? :lol: :lol:
  7. sav_more

    cd\dvd drive emulators

    hi!i want a cd\dvd drive emulator. i have tried virtual cd 6.it crashes often.sometimes it automatically ejects virtual cd's.phantom cd wont run in xp(does it?). could someone pls give me a link to the best one out there. thanks stay cool!!!!!!!!!! :)
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