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    broadband for 297/- ?

    Is it true that satyam's offering broadband for Rs 297/- a month? If its true then what's the catch?
  2. A

    Any catch in Sancharnet

    I heard abt d special ph line given by sancharnet for Rs 500 p.m. With unlimited internet but depending on th no of hours u own. Is there ne catch. Bcause the deal looks so profiting to the consumer. Can nebody giv me proper details about the billing. I mean 2 say if I sit in the night...
  3. W

    Blood Rayne 2 releasing on October

    Any guys remember BloodRayne that was even carried as a demo in the Digit CD? I ask this because it doesn't seem to be very popular. However , I throughly enjoyed that game. Always loved vampire or horror games, add to that a sexy lady in it. It also had a very Nazi feel to it. Well, the...
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