1. Nipun

    Team Fortress 2 Replay Question

    Hi! I captured a replay in TF2 and made 5 takes out of it, namely: 1,2,3,4 & 6.:D After I saved & exported movie, I found that the replay was captured in the way I was playing, ie the camera was placed on head of my player, whereas in replays I used freecam to get better shots. Can...
  2. Psychosocial

    The Red Dead Redemption thread

    I know most of you have completed it but as I just got a new console before a week, this was my first game preference. So I have finished 14% of the game and clocked in 4 hours. I just finished my first wanted poster side mission and captured the target alive :D. The game is super fun :)...
  3. Rollercoaster

    WTF? YouTube Upside Down !! ??? !!

    :shock::shock::shock: I went to youtube today and saw this: Even the video was upside down but did not get captured. anyone know what is going on !!! April Fool!! The first video you visit on youtube the page is upside down.
  4. G

    PC Shutting down

    My pc is displaying the following message and shutting down in a minute. Please help. The link for the image captured is " * "
  5. mad1231moody

    Video DVD Maker

    Hey I have a Sony handycam and I have created VCD's earlier using Window's Movie Maker. ow I want to create a DVD from the Hi8 cassette of the camcorder, and I think that many like this freeware option of Video DVD Maker. Well I started of and started capturing. Captured 1 min and stopped to...
  6. S

    Formula 1 fans: Watch this

    If you are a Formula 1 fan u will love this. I have driven this ingame LFS. Hope this will remind of Michael Schumacher awesome driving. The car is BMW Sauber F1 2006, remember Nick Hiedfield and Robert Kubica. Here is the download link for this F1 flying lap malaysian circuit: :cool...
  7. M

    Which Format???

    hey friendzz... i captured some video with my webcam (perx) ...the captured video took gigs of sapce for 10min!!!! i hav no idea that what has happened .the software that i used was amcap(for capturing). and whenever i open the captured file it always starts with "open with"dialog box.I hav...
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