1. true_lies

    c2q temp difference

    i have my intel c2q q6600 clocked currently @2.7 GHz. previously i used to check my temps with Real Temp GT (ver 3.7). The idle temps remained between 55 and 60 C during the summers without A/C. I was looking to overclock it further to @3 GHz. Recently i installed SpeedFan (ver 4.49) as well...
  2. RohanM

    Best mobo for Intel C2Q 8300 ??

    Hello guys, Wants to know that which mobo (775 socket) will be best suited for the C2Q 8300 ?? probably high end & currently available in market too. prefer asus. Thanks & Regards, RohanM. :)
  3. B

    [Want to Buy] C2D, C2Q, Dual Core with Compatiable Mobo`s

    [Want to Buy] Intel Core 2 Quad or AMD Phenom II x4 processors Hello Friends! I am looking to buy Intel C2Q or AMD Phenom II x4 processors. Do PM with your best offers so that we may proceed with the deal. Location: Amritsar,Punjab
  4. J

    FS: Desktop Items (C2Q, RAM, etc.)

    FS: Intel Original Motherboard, RAM, HDDs, PSU Hi ... For Sale: 1. OCZ DDR2 800MHz 2x 2048MB Link: HERE Asking PRice: Rs. 3k 2. Intel S975XBX2 Motherboard (LGA 775 FSB 1066 max supported, 8GB DDR2-800 supported, PCI Express x16, supports 65nm C2D and C2Q processors: I run C2Q 6600...
  5. george101

    Power Supply for HD5850!!!

    am planning to get myself an hd5850 graphics card as soon as it is available. but am having a CM extreme power 500W spms now and it has only 1 4-pin PCI-E power connector while 5850 requires two 75W 6-pin PCI-E power connectors. please specify the least expensive power supply that can power a...
  6. Cool G5

    Upgrade Woes

    My current PC (P4 2.0GHZ,768MB RAM & Zebronics 7300GT 512MB AGP GFX Card) is showing up its age now. Programs run slower while encoding requires me to wait for a huge time. HD videos skip on frames while Carbide.UI runs sluggish. I'm currently in the process of saving funds & hope to get a new...
  7. channabasanna

    Configuration needed for a gaming PC within 30-40K

    Hi All, My friend wants to buy a new gaming PC, his budget is 30-40K. He uses it basically for gaming, movies, and lots off downloading. He wants a C2Q proccy, with ASUS mobo (no onboard graphics card), 4GB DDR2 RAM, Nvidia Graphics Card with HDMI support. Please suggest a intel C2Q...
  8. go4saket

    Core2Duo or Core2Quad???

    Hi guys! I want to buy a new desktop and am really confused in a few matters. I am sure you guys can help me out with it. Although the list of my doubts is some what long, but please try to help me as much as possible. What is the basic difference between C2D & C2Q. As I am not much into...
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