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  1. freshseasons

    Mobile for My Wife as gift -Budget 60K :Can stretch if needed .Urgent Please help

    Mates, I am quite confused about gifting my wife a new mobile. Nothing seems right for her :( Please help me.I am stuck and its genuine problem else woudn't bother you guys. Preferably i will make purchase tomorrow. She's using Galaxy s3 and feels its too bulky for her,so bulky that shes...
  2. izzikio_rage

    Buying a mirrorless camera

    Hey guys, have been an avid clicker for quite some time and have been wanting to upgrade my camera for a year now. Wanted to go for a mirrorless cam for these reasons 1. awesome pic quality compared to Point and shoots 2. a fraction of the bulk and weight of DSLRs 3. lenses are now...
  3. bajaj151

    Suggest : Bag which I can wear while riding a bike

    Requirements : 1) Must carry 2-3 books 2) Not bulky 3) Looks cool :) Budget : Max. 1K Suggest online store if available..
  4. S

    A bulky amplifier for sound card microphone???

    Can I use a bulky amplifier to amplify professional microphone for my laptop?
  5. prabhu.wali

    Grado MS1 vs ATH M35/M50

    fellas,finally narrowed in on MS1 and M35 which one shud i go for and M50 wud be like way over my budget considering i don want them too bulky
  6. Desperado

    What do i do with my deceased laptop???

    alrighty! i have an old dead HP laptop which conked off around 2 years ago. It conked off with a bang and after that never got its display back. after 2 yrs when switched on, several indicator lights lit up, but no display. Discussing this issue with several technicians has suggested an expense...
  7. D

    Best Mobile under 9.9 k with these features

    Firstly , which is the best cheap mobile having OS as Windows mobile 5.0 Hi dudes i want the best mobile under 10 k with these features 1)Bluetooth version 2 2)GPRS above 48kbps 3)Camera 4)Expansion slot 5)Real Player 6)mp3 7)FM tuner (optional) 8)USB support 9)Java...
  8. S

    reply urgently!!!!

    i wanna a gaming phone other than n-gage becoz its too bulky, mine expected budget is abt 8k.
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