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  1. Blue Ripazah

    which is better??????????

    help needed im going to purchase 1 5.1 system for my room and i hv shortlisted these 2.........but im open to other brands also but they shud have better sound quality than these....but they shud be in the budge of 2k-2.5k creative sbs a520..... creative a 500 or any other 5.1 within...
  2. phanisrinivas

    senheiser HD 201 / HD 202 ??

    I want to buy headphones for laptop ( for movies, music). Which is best in these models. ( my budge is <1.5k). Is there any models , brands are there for better than these two models. like creative, philips, shure, sony ?????? -- thanx in advance..........:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
  3. mario_pant

    wut the hel is up with these ports??

    ok.... i just got myself a connect "hi-speed" connection...... i thing i'm on a LAN or something connected to my network card..... the problem is that emule and bittorent do not work..... skype and warez p2p work absolutely fine..... i tried to use the same ports as skype does but NO it wont...
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