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wut the hel is up with these ports??

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i just got myself a connect "hi-speed" connection...... i thing i'm on a LAN or something connected to my network card..... the problem is that emule and bittorent do not work..... skype and warez p2p work absolutely fine..... i tried to use the same ports as skype does but NO it wont budge..... it is just the same.....i called the people... they told me that i shud use port 80 i did it but nothing....... can someone help?


Cyborg Agent
can u give us a lil more info on which broadband solution ur using ? That will give us a bit clearer picture as to what the problem might be. Also if it is BSNL or Airtel or hatway or Sify those problems have already been mentioned here a lot of times and people have had their ports opened. So I would suggest doing a lil searchin b4 jumpin the gun mate.
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