1. A

    Best B.Tech trade to enroll in terms of package.

    When I am talking about B.Tech there are lot of courses which cross my mind like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Aerospace, Aeronautical, Electronics, Computer Science, I.T., Marine, Mining and many more. Getting into the package criteria for branches, on one hand where Computer Science and...
  2. isenberg

    Getting back to college after 2 years gap

    Hello guys... I passed out of college (XII) in 2013... I got into good govt. college for b.tech...but I had to drop out due to illness... now after 2 years, I want to go back to finishing my b.tech in cse... but I haven't been doing any studying in these last two years... I think I have...
  3. Superayush

    Bits Dubai vs VIT vs Manipal vs IPU

    I wish to do b.tech in CS and I want to keep other options ready too so pls comment which are my best options. My mains didn't go well miseed cut off by 1 mark 114 Manipal I got 119 Vit I got rank of 9.8k Bitsat ip are later this month P.S. I also heard some DU colleges have started...
  4. M

    game development languages during b.tech

    i am studying B.Tech. in IT in punjab. i want to be a game developer and develop huge console or windows games like battlefiels, assassin creed etc. but before that i am doing b.tech. for securing my future. i have a good c++ skills and in coming month i will be doing core java. so i want to...
  5. hari1

    Is there any scope for BCA+MCA?

    I am a commerce student with Maths and expecting 85-89% in +2 CBSE Board exams. I am interested in making websites, apps etc. and go in IT sector. But anybody I ask suggests then there is no scope for BCA degree holders as companies directly select B.Tech students saying that if we were serious...
  6. A

    Will my 1 year detention have adverse effect during any placement program/Interview.

    Hi, I recently gave exam for the CDAC certification. My rank is 26 for A+B. And I am sure I will get some good institute. Now, I completed my B.Tech in 2013 in ECE. My B.tech was very poor. I have 65% and 1 year detention. Will it affect my chances during placement via CDAC. I know there...
  7. R

    Into the gaming industry after btech

    How to get into industry after B.Tech. I am a student of CSE B.Tech. I want to work for big gaming companies or I need to do M.Tech for that. How to go in that industry and is anything extra needed for that and how can I do that in 4 or in 6 yrs. Help me.... Tell me everything i need...
  8. A

    CEH after B.Tech! Help!

    I'm really interested in getting CEH certification and have finished B.Tech waiting for results. :| Now I don't have any other networking knowledge or certification! I'm looking to get this as personal souvenir rather for a job now! this exam is costly around 500$, so does anyone suggest any...
  9. isenberg

    B.tech (CSE) or Bsc(H)

    Hi, I wanna know the core difference between BSc. Comp. Sc. Honours + MSc. in CS and B.tech (CSE) in terms of higher study choices,Job opportunities and knowledge gained at the end of the both course.Also, can I do M.tech after BSc or do I have to do MSc then Mtech ? Can I give GRE/TOEFL after...
  10. M

    Information about PSU entrance examinations.......

    Hi, guys i will graduating next year(2013).Where will i get all the informations about B.Tech freshers recruitment examinations of PSUs like ONGC,IOCL,BHEL,SAIL ...etc???
  11. Shah

    B.Tech IT or BE CSE?

    I am doing my 12th at present. After a lot of research, I have shortlisted B.Tech IT and BE CSE to study after finishing +2. I need your help in choosing any one of these courses. My Fields of Interests are Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Programming.
  12. A

    Symbiosis vs SRM(Modinagar) for B.tech

    Hi I am getting admission in Symbiosis Pune in B.tech as well as SRM (Modinagar Campus and not the main Chennai campus). Which college will be better?? Does any one have an idea about how the Modinagar campus is?
  13. M

    3 years late in passing b.tech, please advise

    i joined b.tech in 2005, could not pass in time. now i will pass btech in 2012 june. how badly can it affect my career. My gpa is also low. 5 point something. can i join any it company after i pass out.
  14. J

    Can you please suggest me the right path for being a software\IT professional ?

    Dear Friends I am a B.Tech student , when I started my engineering course I had the feeling that it would be the education of mine that the IT companies wanted and our syllabus is just the right one. But now I feel its not the right path by any means. People from IT industry whom I know...
  15. K

    Job Oppurtunities For Computer Science in ISRO

    I'm a B.Tech Pursuing student.I want to know what are the areas required for a Computer science engineer to get a job in ISRO and the name of the entrance exam for ISRO after B.Tech?
  16. V

    B.Tech ECE fresher - Further options in Networking field

    I am a B.Tech ECE 2010 passout with 67% from Calicut University, Kerala. Since I am extremely poor in programming, I would prefer the networking domain. Please suggest me on good courses like CCNA, RHCE and the best places to study them. Also please tell me the job oppurtunities.
  17. W

    Adobe Certification in Flex OR B.Tech in GAme development[Reply Promptly PLZ]

    Hi, I an in urgent need for some advice here. I have completed my Class12 exams this year and have an opportinity of joining :: Welcome to Backstagepass :: for a B.Tech in Computer Science and Game Development but i am equally interested in Adobe Technologies such A.I.R, Flash ands Flex{web...
  18. MCDC

    Is there any difference b/w B.E and B.Tech??

    i jus wanna know wots the difference b/w B.E and B.Tech ....if theres any,then which one is better???
  19. saurabh_1e

    Mca or b.tech cs

    Confused totally confused whether i shud go with mca or b.tech all my interest passion lies with computers, programming etc c++ java database management unix/linux all these thing what i have learnt till now B.TECH (cs) 1. btech proffesional degree 2. More market value 3...
  20. sourishzzz1234

    No to Softwares, anything else??

    Currently am a 2nd yr Computer Science and Engineering student studying in a private engineering college... I want to know if there is any other scope for a job other than in Softwares.... I mean in hardwares etc...... What studies can i do after completing my B.Tech?? And hardware related...
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