1. rst

    Help me choosing the broad band connection

    I am fed up with the 2G plan of tata docomo ,idea etc. I want to shift to broad band connection. Suggest me good broad band connection(BSNL.Airtel ,Reliance or any other). 1)I don't want any connectivity issue. 2)want to use 80GB per month 3)budget 2k per month for internet 4)speed atleast...
  2. A

    Tyres for Bajaj Discover 100T

    I got new Bajaj Discover 100T and want to change the F and R tyre to something broad and grippy. can u help me ?
  3. paroh

    Indian ISPs Unblock BitTorrent Sites After Appeal
  4. T

    Airtel has launched 4 Mb/s broadband service

    Airtel has recently launched 4mbs broad band service. Broad band plan starts at 899 /month. This plan is known as impatience plan and at present this service is available in only these areas. bangalore Mumbai Noida Delhi Chennai Gurgaon Check the airtel site here.
  5. L

    How to configure outlook express

    I have my email ac in hotmail,I use BSNL broad band for internet,i dont know how to configure outlook express.Please help:
  6. P

    bsnl broad band 2mbps Is dead slow in ubuntu

    Friends i have Bsnl broad band internet its very slow like a dial up connection can you tell me how to fix this
  7. A

    Can we access LAN internet on N95 through USB cable?

    My PC is connected to LAN broad band internet. Is there any possibility to access this high speed internet on Nokia N95 through USB cable? I want to connect my Nokia N95 to PC through USB cable (Supplied in its sales package) for browsing broad band internet on N95. I have PC Suite installed on...
  8. Batistabomb

    Bypass Rapidshare Restrictions

    Guys i had try this technique and bypassed rapid share restrictions such as premium users, After downloaded the file from rapid share,turn OFF your modem and turn ON For BSNL Broad Band Dynamic IP user's it was working good because you are allocating different IP's for single connection
  9. digiFriend

    does call ID phone interfere with broad band;

    during dialup days, caller id phone was interfering with internet connection. i have to remove that phone . now wants to buy another caller ID phone.i wants to know if broadband has any problem with this type phone. anyone using broad band and caller id phone has any problem?
  10. joshi_ban

    GPRS rate of Airtel

    Guys, COme to know that Airtel in PUNE has increased its GPRS rate. From rs 5 per day they have increased to rs 12 per day. Damn!!! its very expensive. RS 360 per month, my gosh expensive than Broad Band. Better Guys leave it and Go for a broad band. Sucks u Airtel...Damn....!! hears IDEA...
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