1. E

    Hard bricked moto e 2015

    My moto e 2015 got hardbricked on its own while resetting it,it would neither show up anything on the screen nor would it enter into recovery mode when I would hold the power and volume down buttons simultaneously,however it could be detected by my pc when connected via usb and it would also...
  2. S

    [Want to Buy] Bricked Sony Xperia neo V

    Does anybody have a bricked Xperia neo V phone to sell?:|
  3. P

    bricked lgp690 :(

    I'm not a noob. I'm a Super noob :( I just bricked my LGP690 trying to flash it with Unofficial Cyanogen Mod 10 . I was using ClocworkMod Recovery as per the video. But I was never able to boot the phone again. It just shows the lg logo. I tried to get into emergency mode and flash official LG...
  4. V

    Firmware upgrade

    If while upgrading my lg 32lm6400's firmware there is a power cut and the operation couldn't be completed. So will my t.v be bricked forever or i can start all over again?
  5. rahul_c

    Bricked my LG Optimus Net!

    I have bricked my phone-LG Optimus Net P690! All I get is LG logo coming and going in loop. I somehow got into emergency mode, what should I do? I just clicked on 'backup current ROM', I didn't even replaced my original ROM! Please help my dad is going to kill me, its just a week old phone...
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