1. D

    Want to learn python

    Ther are several tutorials on net but as i am from mechanical branch it is completely new for me especially the terms.
  2. isenberg

    which branch to chose in engineering ?

    Hi, I am really confused about deciding which branch to take admission into in amongst Mech. , CSE and ECE. I want to do after So, salary is not a big deal for me (at least not yet). I've always wanted to go for CSE as I had interest in programming and other computer...
  3. giprabu

    Career guidance for "Information Technology and Computer Forensics" ..

    I've recently got M.Tech admission in the branch Information technology and computer forensics . I hardly know as what this branch is for . What would be the scope of that field after 2 years from now ? Only a very few colleges offer that course (AFAIK), so how good are the job opportunities ...
  4. V

    Close encounter at midnight !

    Encounter at midnight!! N an early morning encounter on Thursday, five persons allegedly involved in two daring bank robberies in Chennai was shoot dead in a ‘encounter’in a gunbattle with the city police at Velachery in the early hours of Thursday. The suspects were identified as Chandrika Rey...
  5. doomgiver

    some homework help (automata/regular expressions)

    this is the non finite automata the one state at the top with triangle is the start state the one on the right bottom is the end state. i want to describe it with a regular expression. solutions i thought of : abc((dbc)*+(febc)*)fg it will go from a-b-c, then it can branch as...
  6. saurabh kakkar

    Calling all the B.TECH students to join

    hi in an attemp to know other B.TECH students in digit and discuss various problems that ur facing in B.TECH . I invite all the B.TECH students (any branch ) to join this Thread plz mention ur COLLEGE LOCATION BRANCH SEMESTER...
  7. praka123

    Linux Compiz Forked: Beryl
  8. swatkat

    An Unofficial Guide To Windows Registry!!!!

    What is Registry? The Registry is a collection of all the settings for Windows and installed Applications. Regisrty behaves like a Central Database for all things like, Softwares, Device Drivers, File Types etc. Registry can be compared to an Attendance Register of Schools/Colleges, as...
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