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  1. truegenius

    which bycycle to purchase under 11K ?

    i need to buy a bycycle i will be using it to drive/ride around 50Km per day (yes only 50Km in a day :D ) and for stunts too :D so it needs to be durable budget is max Rs11000 but keep it as close to as Rs6000 if possible i will be buying in 1-2 weeks i need speed gears, front and...
  2. axxo

    ***nano Bike***

    Bajaj's new Cheapest Bike for Rs.5000 ($125)(like TATA Nano)..... !!!!!!! It has been a major hit in the market and is largely responsible for changing the 'Two wheeler maket' It will be introduced to market in March 2008… Facilities are.. Available in following option: i) Kick...
  3. max_demon

    Please Help Me Choosing A Cycle

    Really , my brother is buying a new cycle which is i think Gear one . the seller states its price as 2500 and says is 4 Months old , guys should i go 4 it or not ? features - 18 Gears , Disc Brakes ,etc. i m going to purchase it now , if u think i should not purchase SMS me on my temp. no...
  4. P

    MotoGP 2

    I Had Played the Game-MotoGP2 at a friend's PC Some Months ago and I Immensely Liked it. Now,When I Finally Had a PC of My Own, I Borrowed the Digit CD from Him and Installed the game and was Eagerly Awaiting To Play it. But, I Am Facing a Queer Problem. While On My friend's PC,the Bike was...
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