1. rajatGod512

    Big Ant Cricket 2014 Thread

    From Looks like finally we are getting a cricket game that is somewhat close to realistic and fun . More Info : While the game is still awaiting its official announcement, Big Ant have already made a beta their player editor available for download, which just happens to...
  2. Sathish

    Help for Brain Lara Cricket 2007

    Hi friends, recently i installed BLC 2007, and i confused about keyboard control. i dont know the keyboard controls of batting and bowling. the games also dont have any detailed settings on keyboard control. anyone plzz tell about all keyboard controls of batting and bowling...
  3. V

    Cricket 2007

    Is there anyway of playing two players at the same time i.e. one bowling and other batting in the same time in Cricket 2007...??:confused: :confused:
  4. desiibond

    Indian bowlers proves their worth once again

    That they can make any bowler in the world make a half century (even a century). Thanks to great powerful Indian bowling, oz's reach 250 from 130/6, now at 274, partnership 140 from just 171 ball in a test match. Hats off to the pathetic Indian bowling who relaxes like anything once they get...
  5. gaurav_indian

    Best 10-Pin Bowling game around - and it's free!

    10 pin bowling game the developers are active forum posters and listen to requests. The game is updated quite a lot as well. One of the best free games around I think, very realistic with good graphics.
  6. N

    All Cricket 2004 players called for....

    Can somebody teach me how to bowl perfectly in Cricket 2004. I could see only four keys for bowling - A,S,D,W. ALl keys start bowling but i could control only its swing. I do not know where to pitch the ball and how to vary pace. Can somebody give me a detailed tut on bowling in Cricket 2004...
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