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  1. dr_jimit

    Microchips used in Surat Bombs - PIC16F628A

    The first ever time in history microchips were used in making bombs. The microchip used in 21 Bombs recovered in surat is PIC16F628A According to them this is a chip from microsoft [ lol ] This information was leaked by a local news channel EYE WITNESS, surat. They say the failure was...
  2. Plasma_Snake

    9 Live bombs found in Surat

    11 Live bombs found in Surat Man. enough is enough, WTF is going on? 9 more Live bombs found in Surat !:x I say its now or never. we have to shove them down the Pak's throat and World has to take notice now. Even if now nothing is done then I'm sorry to say that it proves Indians to be a bunch...
  3. shift

    Major attacks in India since 2003

    REUTERS - India's major cities were put on high alert on Sunday, with fears of more attacks after at least 46 people were killed in two days of bombings that hit Ahmedabad and Bangalore. Following is a chronology of some of the major attacks in India in the past five years...
  4. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Triple bomb blasts in Gorakhpur

    NEW DELHI: A series of three bombs exploded in Gorakhpur city of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday evening. The first blast took place at 6.40 pm at the Baldev intersection of the city. Another blast occurred at Golghar, the heart of the city, and the third one in Bal Vihar. The bombs, according...
  5. anandk

    Google Bombs

    search for "Search" in Google and click on "I'm feeling lucky" button and see where it takes you... :D ...
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