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  1. Zangetsu

    Coaching Class Gifts IIT Topper A BMW, He Returns It Asking For A Laptop Instead!

    Who would choose a laptop over a sparkling red BMW? We would have said nobody, but we'd have been wrong. Because somebody just did choose a laptop over a BMW. Tanmay Shekhawat, an IIT topper from Rajasthan, rejected a BMW his coaching class gifted him for topping the class! Source...
  2. D

    [Request]List of game demos on the dvd 2004 to 2008

    Hello. Do you know/have the list of game demos that have been released on the digt dvd. Around 2004 to 2008. Could you please provide me with the list. (It is racing game. It had a bmw m3 gtr in the demo.) Thanks in advance.
  3. dharmil007

    <li> tag problem in CSS

    Hello, i have written a small HTML file for college purpose. i m just learning HTML in college. But its not displaying as it should be. There is a lot of space before & after the li {audi, bmw, etc} TAGs.i want to remove it but its not getting removed. & the image in the 2nd li tag which...
  4. azzu

    BMW Lovos Feeds On Solar Energy, Human Corpses

    The BMW Lovos—a beautiful solar-powered car from hell—is one of those concept cars that looks as amazing as it is probably useless. And dangerous. Just imagine those metal scales slicing through a pedestrian's body. The details are stunning: Created by 24-yo German designer Anne Forschner...
  5. R

    Question about BMW M3. Help or advice needed

    Thaks for www.thinkdigit.com Nice forum! Could some body tell me.How cna I convince mt Dad to get the new BMW M3 Convertible?From what I've seen itts an absolutely beautiful car. The jew double clutch transmission is just stujnning.I typically have a large influence on what car my Dda gets, and...
  6. M

    Sanjeev Nanda held guilty in BMW hit-and-run case

    Sanjeev Nanda held guilty in BMW hit-and-run case:
  7. ramharis

    BMW M3 GT in NFS MW

    Gday does any one have any idea of how to modify BMW M3 GT in NFS Most Wanted iam able to change only the visuals neither performance nor body kits... does any one have any idea or has anybody modified it Thanks Ram
  8. s18000rpm

    What are YOU Playing Now ?

    So what are you playing now dudes & for how long?? I'm playing-> :arrow: Colin McRae 05 - Career Mode with 34 Drivers points. for about a week. :arrow: GTA San Andreas -> for the FIFTH time. playing it since two weeks with car Mods. :arrow: NFS Most Wanted -> just roaming & trying new...
  9. prasad_den

    Google Blacklists BMW

    Google has blacklisted BMW after it caught the luxury car maker trying to artificially boost its popularity ranking on the search giant's website. The delisting was confirmed in a blog post by Google software engineer Matt Cutts. Cutts wrote that the methods used by BMW were a violation of...
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