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  1. sujoyp

    Need Bluetooth handsfree

    friends I need a blutooth handsfree for my SE T700....I donno what to look in it.. Also can we hear songs on it from mobile....does A2DP is exclusive on stereo blutooth handsfree.. Budget : less then 2k
  2. caleb

    Bluetooth...does My Pc Have It?

    My PC Config: Processor: Intel D805 Mobo: D101Ggc (with ATI Radeon 200 Chipset) Gfx: XFX7600GT RAM: 1GB DDR RAM 400Mhz (512X2) OS: Win XP Media Center 2005 TV Tuner: Pinnacle 50i HDD: 160GB SATA + 40GB IDE Optical: LG Dual layer DVD Re-Writer I want to conenct my Nokia 6708 (blutooth...
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